SOM will Take Part in the London Festival of Architecture in London / by Frank Da Silva

As part of next month’s Festival of Architecture, the world’s biggest annual architecture festival, SOM architects will lead tours of The Stratford Hotel & Lofts at Manhattan Loft Gardens.

Together with the Manhattan Loft Corporation, SOM architects will share insight on the design of the 42-story building. Visitors will have access to a selection of loft apartments, and hotel amenities, as well as the sky gardens of the double-cantilevered tower.

The Stratford Hotel & Lofts at Manhattan Loft Gardens | © 2019 Frank Da Silva

The London Festival of Architecture is a city-wide annual event that includes a broad program of events and activities for people of all ages. The festival, which includes more than 400 events presented by a mix of organizations and individuals, aims to broaden the conversation around architecture and cities. The theme for the 2019 festival is "boundaries."

The iconic London skyline from the 36th floor of Manhattan Loft Gardens | © 2019 Frank Da Silva

Manhattan Loft Gardens: Guided Tours

All tours are FREE and start at 1 PM and last an hour.

1st June 2019 / 8th June 2019 / 15th June 2019 / 22nd June 2019 / 29th June 2019

Additionally, on the 18th of June, SOM Partner Kent Jackson and Harry Handelsman, CEO of the Manhattan Loft Corporation, will present a talk about the building.

Manhattan Loft Gardens: A Discussion with Kent Jackson and Harry Handelsman
18th June 2019 at 6 PM

To book RSVP is required, send an email with your details to

Manhattan Loft Gardens
20 International Way
London E20 1GQ

Please meet in the lobby.